Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Ever wondered how your site is performing. Is your site getting popular? What is your target audience? What should you do to increase traffic? What products would sell more? Well do not worry we have the perfect solution for you. We not only implement the most comprehensive web traffic tracking applications on to your site but also help you with various analysis reports and recommendations. Do not just hit in the dark, take well informed decisions. We will help you to be in full control of your business.

Array Mediagraphics & Systems enables our clients to understand their visitors’ engagement and interaction with their online interface. Our advanced web analytic services help you to understand the conversion rate of the visitors and we also provide solutions to maximize sales conversion. With the help of the data collected our experts help you to optimize your interface and usability for optimum performance.

Our Web Analytics Services

 Integration Web Integration: Our Web Integration service will allow you to have access the data and functions of a server-hosted application through an Internet browser window. Web-based interfaces are used to deliver multiple applications remotely. This can reduce costs and provide users with a browser-based working environment.
 Traffic Traffic Monitoring: The amount of traffic seen by a web site is a measure of its popularity. With the help of our traffic monitoring services, you can monitor your online activities which will help you to take key decisions for your business. There are many tools available today which have their own strengths and weaknesses that need to be considered while selecting and implementing them. These will help you to measure as well as monitor traffic coming into your website.
 Campaign Campaign Analysis: This service is useful to track, report, and analyze in real-time the performance of web-based marketing campaigns, regardless of where the Web campaign is seen. We measure and analyze a client’s campaign as human viewers see it – a far more accurate and useful approach than counting ads served.
 Optimization Site Optimization: Effective web design and usability is the key to your sales conversion. We analyze your web traffic and customer eyeball trends to ensure your website highlights the right message that grabs customers attention. Our team of experts rationalizes your web interface for optimum conversion.
 Conversion Conversion Analysis: We provide comprehensive analytics services. Online marketing offers huge amount of data which can be measured analyzed and finally utilized for enhancing the user experience and conversion rates. By taking the help of our analysis we also provide solutions to our clients which will help them to increase traffic conversion ratio, extend their reach and take customer acquisition and retention initiatives.
 Report Analytics Reporting: We provide data to our clients in a compiled manner in form of Excel files. We also have expertise in all the main web analytics applications such as Google Analytics, e-Logic, AW Stats etc. Based on your website statistics reporting and analysis requirements we build customized dashboards which help our clients to take quick decisions.

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