About Us

Array MediaGraphics & Systems is your one stop shop for going online. Since 2004, we have been helping multiple businesses to enhance their online strategy through cutting-edge technologies, attractive designs and a customer centric approach.  Our passionate team has helped clients reach out to a larger global audience and achieve exponential business growth. We keep redefining traditional marketing methods, by targeting key customer profiles and adding substantial value to our clients’ overall brand presence.

We help startups, entrepreneurs and small & medium businesses across the globe with their web, internet software and design requirements. We follow a well-crafted project management methodology for each engagement. We are the solution for today’s internet requirements; where creativity blends with technology.  Our highly skilled team utilizes their understanding of business dynamics to help in achieving your strategic objectives.

Our services range from web design, web development, graphics design, internet marketing, search engine optimization, eCommerce solutions to enterprise solutions such as  Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Web based ERP, Project Management and billing software.

Array Mediagraphics & Systems is an alliance partner of Array Consultancy Services, specialized in business planning, market research and business consulting. Array Mediagraphics & Systems has been helping many clients to go and  market online with attractive designs and high end technology at a very affordable price. We ensure high quality deliverable with professional customer service.  We follow a well-crafted framework of project management methodology. We are the solutions for today’s internet demand where creativity blends with technology.